Instructions for Bursary Applications

Wales Arts Review is very pleased to announce the final figure of our recent crowdfunder to create emergency bursary funds for artists and freelancers of Wales who have suffered a significant financial impact due to the cancellation of work as the country attempts to stem the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. The public donated a total of  £6,450 which will be used to create 16 bursaries of £403.13, a significant increase on our original ambition to create 10 bursaries of £300. We hope that this money will help those most in need.


As was stipulated at the outset, 100% of donations will go into these bursaries, and bursaries will be dispensed on a first-come-first-serve basis. However, in order to reach our intended targets, and in-line with our original declarations, there will be a threshold to be met on applications for bursaries. As these bursaries are intended for artists and freelancers in the arts in Wales who have had work cancelled due to Covid-19 we would ask that you supply a simple overview of the work that you have had cancelled since February 28th 2020. We do not require any figures to be included. This must be work that was already in place, and not a projected income using previous years’ income. This is not to evaluate your level of need, but to ensure you meet the threshold we originally set out.

It is also to encourage those for who this emergency fund is for to apply, and to dissuade any speculative applications.

We would emphasise that many people have taken a financial hit because of current circumstances, but please consider your level of need before contacting us for a bursary. The onus is on you to evaluate your position before you come to us. Once you meet the threshold, we will not be judging applications on any criteria other than when they arrived in our inbox. Only applications sent via email will be eligible, and only that email containing the overview of cancelled work will be considered as an application. Any emails of enquiry received after the porthole opens at 5pm on Wednesday April 8th 2020 will be treated as applications.

Any emails of enquiry before then should be addressed to walesartsreview@gmail.com

To reiterate.

Wales Arts Review is open for applications via email only from 5pm on Wednesday April 8th. Only applications sent to walesartsreview@gmail.com after that time and that meet the requirements and threshold will be eligible. Any applications sent before that time will not be eligible.

Money will be transferred via BACS within 5 days.

Please supply your name, bank details, and an overview of work cancelled due to efforts to stem the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The work that was cancelled does not have to have been taking place in Wales, but we ask that only Welsh or Wales-based artists and freelancers apply.

Wales Arts Review will not keep any correspondence or details therein after the transaction has been completed, and all emails will be deleted.