New PYST App Launched for Welsh Digital Culture Platforms

PYST, a Cardiff-based music promotion company, have launched a new app, AM, dedicated to the online presence of Wales’s creative organisations.

Nannon Evans of PYST said, “The aim of AM is that this platform will be as inclusive, varied and creative as possible. The hope is that it will reflect what is going on culturally and socially in Wales today but that it will also create and inspire and be a platform to help the development of new artists, writers, film-makers etc. It will exist as an open and democratic platform for new and contemporary work by new and contemporary creators. It will be defined by it’s content. That’s why we have called it AM.

“The content of the platform on the day it goes live is crucial as a statement of ethos and intent. The platform is designed as a series of different categories of channels – Watch, Listen, Words, Gigs and Festivals to begin with. Within those categories, record labels, companies, communities and individuals have their own channel to populate as they wish. As a music distributor it is obvious that record labels will have their own channel but there are channels to represent literature, drama, film, documentary, podcasts, blogs, art, photography etc. AM will succeed on the content uploaded. The busier the platform the faster it’s audience will grow. As there will be no ‘curation’ we hope the platform grows into a free and open forum for Welsh cultural expression.”

The app can be downloaded from today via the channels stipulated below.