Nia Edwards-Behi

Podcast | OffScript with Nia Edwards-Behi

Nia Edwards-Behi is a writer, cinema academic, and co-director of one of the country’s most successful festivals, The International Horror Festival of Wales based at the Arts Centre in Aberystwyth, and ingeniously titled more familiarly as Abertoir. Along with founder and co-director Gaz Bailey, Nia organises this much beloved film festival and fan-mecca every year, and has been responsible for bringing some of the most legendary names of world horror cinema to the Welsh coast. Here I talk to Nia about the evolution of the festival and what it takes to pull off year in year out, but we also talk about much broader subjects. Nia’s Masters Thesis was on cognitive responses to the films of Dario Argento, and her PhD centred on Hollywood’s penchant for remaking controversial classics such as Straw Dogs and Last House on the Left. We talk about all of these things, and just whether western cinema’s attitude to women, race and politics is going forwards or backwards.


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