Pontio | In:Flux Part 4 (Soundscape/Audio Diary)

Wales Arts Review brings you part 4 of a series of observational journals during a time of national lockdown, from John Rea and Sarah Featherstone. In:Flux part 4, titled Pontio, is a reflective meeting of soundscape and audio diary, and considers the notion that everything is temporary.

Part of an on-going series of observational journal entries by writer and artist Sarah Featherstone in collaboration with composer and sound artist John Rea. It is a response to the current circumstances as they evolve, detailing how the changes are effecting our lives. Sarah Featherstone is an artist and writer based in Cardiff. She facilitates creative wellbeing sessions for adults, and creative writing for children.

John is a composer and sound artist, with a studio in Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, where he creates music and soundscapes for film, documentary and theatre. He also pursues his interest in immersive sound installation, experimenting and presenting work combining musical narrative with ‘found sound’, electronics, and field recordings. Recent works include Atgyfodi, a collaboration with St Fagans National Museum of History archives and The BBC National Orchestra of Wales; and the site- specific project PARADE, based in the community of Maindee, Newport.

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