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The Lullaby Project: VOTE NOW

An ongoing music and mental health scheme, The Lullaby Project, that connects musicians with new parents is up for a public award that would guarantee further funding to expand the work to further areas of Wales.

The Lullaby Project helps parents, carers and mothers-to-be who are struggling to bond with their baby or feeling lonely. Professional musicians and health workers support each family to create, sing, and record a personal lullaby. Families grow in confidence, being supported to bond with their baby during this special experience.

  • Help new mums and mothers-to-be who are struggling
  • Offers mothers a unique, creative opportunity
  • Involve families and friends in supporting them at concerts

VOTE NOW to give the Lullaby Project a chance of winning a further £70,000 of funding.

As part of the project, musician and singer-songwriter Angharad Jenkins has written an article on how being introduced to the power of the lullaby changed her relationship and understanding of songwriting.

Countless songwriters have compared song-writing to therapy. Just head to Google and you will be faced with a myriad of varying quotes on the theme. As a musician and a mother to two little children, I too can ascertain the cathartic effects of song-writing. Without sounding too dramatic, song-writing has been my saviour, and without which my mental health could have taken a turn for the worse during those difficult postpartum years. And it all started with a lullaby. Let me explain.

We all know what the basic function of a lullaby is. Many of us, if we’re lucky, will remember being sung to as children, and can still probably – even if a bit rusty – recollect some of our earliest musical repertoire. Even if we haven’t sung those songs for many years, it’s likely that the melodies and simple lyrics are entrenched there somewhere in the back of our minds, waiting for a time and a reason to be resurfaced.

You can read the full article on the Live Music Now website here.

And to help the Lullaby Project continue expanding their work, VOTE NOW.