Welsh albums

Welsh Albums – The Best of 2019

The team at Wales Arts Review pick our top Welsh albums of 2019.

Everything Solved at Once – Silent Forum (Libertino Records)

Sir Fôn Bach – Llio Rhydderch (Fflach)

Everything in Between – Huw Warren (CAM Jazz)

Bring Me the Head of Jerry Garcia – Keys (Libertino Records)

Endless Road Restless Nomad – Zervas and Pepper

June is Short, July is Long – Jeb Loy Nicholls

Reward – Cate Le Bon (Mexican Summer)

Touchy Love EP – Lucas J Rowe

Uber Fantastique – Head Noise

Hollalloug – Oblong


Join us on December 20th for the announcement of our No.1 Welsh album of 2019 from this list.


Thanks to Craig Austin, Gareth Davies, Kevin McGrath, Darren Chetty, Caragh Medlicott, Gary Raymond, Gray Taylor, and Tomos Williams for contributing to this list.

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