David R. Edwards has sadly passed away Datblygu

David R Edwards | A Welsh Music Giant has died

David R Edwards, frontman of band Datblygu and one of the most influential musicians in Wales, has died aged 56.

The singer and poet passed away at his home in Carmarthen over the weekend, he had been suffering from health issues including epilepsy and diabetes. The news was first shared on Twitter by Patricia Morgan, his longtime bandmate and friend. She wrote: 

David R Edwards’ pioneering Welsh band, Datblygu, was first formed by himself and friend T. Wyn Davies in 1982 when the pair were still in secondary school. Edwards was renowned for his huge influence on Welsh arts and culture – first with Datblygu and later in his work as a poet.

A statement from record label PYST, reads: “David was a loving, faithful, creative, kind, funny and wise individual whose loss to us all will be immense. Without David there would not have been any Ankst Records or Cool Cymru and without his friendship, talent and love over the decades life here in Wales would have been so much poorer and duller. His voice and his words will definitely live on and continue to astonish.” 


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