welsh music podcast episode 2

Welsh Music Podcast Episode 2

In the new podcast from Neil Collins and James Cuff, Welsh poet and playwright Patrick Jones talks about how moving from the Valleys to Swansea for university liberated him, tackling difficult but important issues, and being Nicky Wire’s older brother. Patrick also chooses The Alarm’s debut album Declaration as his favourite Welsh album and inducts it in to the Welsh Music Hall of Fame.

Featuring new music from Me Against Misery with their track Endnote.

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The Welsh Music Podcast is a weekly podcast celebrating Welsh music and culture, past and present, and the people who helped shape it. Hosted by Neil and James, two friends and former colleagues, who share a passion for music and football – especially of the Welsh variety. From Anhrefn to Zabrinski we’ll cover it all, including obscure, emerging and established artists, across the Welsh and English language spectrum. Each episode will feature a music obsessive guest who has, in some way, put Welsh music on the map. They’ll be talking about their careers and giving an in-depth analysis of their favourite Welsh album

We’re also hoping to feature one-off documentary specials exploring key moments in Welsh culture.

Get in touch if you’re a new Welsh act as we’re going to be showcasing new and emerging bands and artists at the end of each episode.