Our Best Articles of 2018

Our Best Articles of 2018

Here is a small selection of some of the best articles we have published in 2018.

Working Class Voices | Michelle Deininger

Dr Michelle Deininger charts her journey from a council estate in Oxfordshire through her experiences in education to her current role as humanities lecturer at Cardiff University.

#MeToo and Reductive Media

Nia Edwards-Behi examines the recent turns in the journey of the #MeToo campaign, and asks if the media is treating the subject with the respect it deserves.

How I Wrote… Gaslight by Eloise Williams

In 2017 Wales Arts Review named Eloise WilliamsGaslight our Young People’s Book of the Year; here the author leads us through the tortuous and joyful experience of creating the book.

A Welsh Poet in Ireland

The Cork International Poetry Festival attracts some of the top names in modern poetry, and this year Swansea-based author of And Suddenly You Find Yourself Natalie Ann Holborow finds inspiration there.

Treading Water: What Can the Welsh Arts Scene Do to Survive?

Caragh Medlicott asks what the future holds for arts funding in Wales, and what options are on the table for SME arts companies as Brexit looms.

Shishu/Baban: Theatre for Babies

Gary Raymond spends a few days experiencing the work of Theatr Iolo and ThinkArts of Kolkata during the Welsh leg of their Wales/India collaboration on developing theatre for 6-18 month old babies.

Pushing for Progress for Women of Wales

Emma Schofield writes that speaking out about inequality can only be the beginning. By looking at the arts industries of Wales, what can we learn about the role of women in decision-making roles, and how can Wales rise up to be a global leader in equality?

Live: Szene Wales

What can a festival that spotlights the theatre of one nation say about a country? Gary Raymond was at the Szene:Wales performing arts festival in Dresden, Germany, asking this very question.

The 2018 Boring Conference

David Cottis was in London for the 2018 Boring Conference, an annual discussion of ideas that is nowhere near as mundane as you might have thought.

Working Class Voices

Taylor Edmonds tells of the difficult process of finding, and then maintaining, her poetic voice coming from a background without the safety nets of some middle-class privileges, and how she found a transformative platform at an open mic event.

The Case for a National Gallery for Contemporary Art

Adam Price AC/AM makes an impassioned argument for the foundation of National Gallery for Contemporary Art in Wales, and puts forward perhaps a surprising contender for its location.

The Problems with WNO’s Rhondda Rips It Up!

A group of experts offer a detailed breakdown of a particular issue from several cutting-edge perspectives. In this episode, Gary Raymond chairs a talk about the diversity problems perceived with Welsh National Opera’s suffragette comic opera Rhondda Rips It Up!

Nicky Arscott and the New Welsh Comic

Artist and poet Nicky Arscott lays out the new collaborative project with Eric Ngalle Charles, drawing on a crowdfunder to create a new education resource for Wales.