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A Peace & Goodwill Message From The Urdd | ‘It’s Time to Wake Up’

Urdd Gobaith Cymru is set to share their annual Peace and Goodwill Message on the 18th May at the Nobel Peace Centre in Norway, with this years focus being the Climate Emergency. 

In its centenary year, Urdd Gobaith Cymru (The Welsh League of Youth) shares its ‘Peace and Goodwill Message’, an annual message unique to Wales, in the Nobel Peace Centre. Urdd Gobaith Cymru are Wales’ largest national youth organisation, and their focus this year is on the Climate Emergency. They are calling to people around the world to start holding big businesses accountable and to urge governments to take action, saying “it’s time to wake up”.

The message, in the form of a short film, will be released across Urdd’s social media platforms at 7:30 am on the 18th of May. There will also be a dedicated event for the Peace Message, where the short film will be shown in the company of First Minister Mark Drakeford, along with the young people from Aberystwyth University, who have created this year’s Peace Message at the Nobel Institute in Oslo, Norway. 

Every year on the 18th of May for the past 100 years, a unique message of peace to the world has been shared by the young people of Wales. Last years’ message was the biggest success so far, having been translated into 65 languages, viewed in 59 countries and reaching 84 million people worldwide. This years’ message is available in 100 languages and a number of familiar faces from the Football Association of Wale’s first female and male teams have already shared a video, where Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale both say: “it’s time to wake up”. 

Speaking on this years’ message, the First Minister Mark Drakeford said: 

“At a time when the peace of the world is in such peril, the message, and work of the Urdd in welcoming refugees to Wales have never been more significant. The theme of the climate emergency, too, will resonate with young people from around the globe as we work together to protect the fragile planet which we inhabit together.” 

To help amplify and represent the youth of Wales, the Urdd works with a different group of young people every year. This year’s Climate Emergency message was made by students from Aberystwyth University after they attended a series of workshops that took place in 2021 and featured special guest speakers from Friends of the Earth Cymru and a workshop on the David Attenborough film A Life on Our Planet. Another workshop also included a discussion between students from Aberystwyth University and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, where they compared opinions and discussed the Climate Emergency. 

The Urdd’s Chief Executive, Siân Lewis, commented:

“As an organisation, we have a duty to the next generation to use this platform to amplify their voices, because giving a voice to the young people of Wales is at the core of everything the Urdd does. We cannot ignore nor postpone the climate emergency, for the sake of our children and our children’s children everyone must act now, it really is ‘time to wake up’.” 

The Urdd has also committed to reduce carbon footprint, creating a net zero plan with a target of achieving net zero by 2050. In order to achieve net zero, Urdd is opening its first environmental residential centre for young people in north Pembrokeshire. 

Professor Elizabeth Treasure, Vice-Chancellor of Aberystwyth University said: 

“We are very proud to support the Urdd’s Centenary Message of Peace and Goodwill and the central role that our students here at Aberystwyth have played in developing it. Climate change is the greatest challenge facing our planet, and our students’ personal commitment to reducing their carbon footprint is a source of inspiration to us all.”

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