Video | Khamira

Video | Khamira

In 2015, four of Wales’ finest creative musicians joined three of India’s new wave of adventurous genre-breaking artists to create Khamira. Suhail Yusuf Khan‘s virtuosic Sarangi and vocals dovetails with Tomos Williams’ understated trumpet, Vishal Nagar‘s tabla joins in a feast of rhythms and syncopations with Mark O’Connor‘s drum kit, while Aditya Balani‘s soaring guitar solos are supported by Dave Jones‘ keyboard and Aidan Thorne‘s bass.

Khamira first came together in 2015, touring India playing The Goa Jazz Festival, Kolkata JazzFest, Bangalore and New Delhi.

In 2016, the band recorded their debut album in the remote Welsh hills at Red Kite Studios, Llanwrda near Llandovery, Wales, which was released in May 2017 to widespread acclaim. In 2017, Khamira showcased at the Seoul Music Week, South Korea and were awarded prestigious funding to tour both Wales and India as part of the British Council UK/India Year of Culture.

In May 2017, Khamira undertook a comprehensive 9 date tour of Wales, culminating with a sold out performance at the internationally renowned Hay Festival and will tour India again in January 2018.

Khamira’s music is somewhere between the cinematic scope of the Pat Metheny Group and the grunge funk of Miles Davis’ 70s band, inter-twinned with passages of melancholic Welsh folk music and Indian classical virtuosity.

Wales Arts Review is very excited to bring together a series of videos from Khamira’s live performances over the last few years.


You can find out more about Khamira here on their website, and keep up to date with all the news.