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Young Welsh People Wanted for Antarctic Expedition

Calling young Welsh environmentalists! Adventurers Phoebe Smith and Dwayne Fields are seeking a group of ten 16-18-year-olds to join them on their carbon-negative expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula in February of next year. Nominations and applications for young people are now open. 

After successfully raising enough money for their #WETOO foundation, Phoebe Smith and Dwayne Fields are on the lookout for 16-18-year-olds from underprivileged backgrounds to join them on their expedition ship heading to the Antarctic Peninsula. The pair are seeking diversity – in opposition to the privilege historically associated with expeditions of this kind – Smith and Fields are looking for “anyone, from any background”.

The young people selected will join a diverse team of experts studying changes in the polar region, measuring water temperatures and tracking wildlife such as whales and leopard seals. Also joining the adventure is broadcaster Cerys Matthews and writers Phoebe Smith and Dwayne fields. Matthews – who has been driving youth applications – is keen to see young people from Wales applying to be a part of this opportunity. Following the successful empowerment of 16 and 17-year-olds voting for the first time in the 2021 Senedd elections, the #WETOO Antarctic Expedition provides an amazing chance for Welsh youth to be represented in this important and timely adventure. 

Matthews told Wales Online “#WeTwo are keen that the 2022 Antarctica Team includes young environmentalists from all corners of the UK […] I know that not many have applied from Wales yet so I wanted to yell about it. The golden ticket is there for the lucky ones – all you just have to do is apply or be nominated.”

Fields told Isle of Wight County Press: “We are looking for people who are driven, passionate, and who want to make a difference, not just in their own lives but for the communities in which they live.”

The ideal candidates will be involved with local environmental efforts such as rewilding, conservation work and cleanups. They should also be passionate advocates for the planet, local green initiatives and have a genuine love and interest in the natural world. Before embarking, the team of young people will “pay it forward” by committing to creating positive change in their local area and planting enough trees to ensure that the trip is carbon neutral and, eventually, carbon negative. 

16-18-year-olds from Wales can apply or be nominated for the expedition via the #WETOO foundation website. 

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