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Wales Arts Review’s David Bowie Tribute

Welcome to the home page of our David Bowie Tribute; here you can jump between our Bowie articles, old and new, including our three part journey through his career using the memories and appraisals of writers, artists and musicians touched by his influence.

Bowie Tribute | The Songman Years, 1966-74

In the first instalment of our tribute to David Bowie, where we track his amazing career through the thoughts and memories of artists, writers and musicians, we look at the early years, in which he matured from 60’s wannabe popstar into a writer of immense sophistication who released a succession of classic albums, and penned songs of the calibre of ‘Life on Mars’, ‘Man Who Sold the World’ and ‘Changes’.

Bowie Tribute | The Thin White Years, 1975-85

In the second instalment of our Bowie tribute where we track the evolution of his career through the memories and thoughts of artists, writers and musicians, we look at the years in which Bowie developed into an auteur, bringing together musicians, styles and influences to create some of the most influential albums in the history of popular music, from the ‘plastic soul’ of Young Americans, through the Berlin trilogy to the megastardom of the Let’s Dance album.

Bowie Tribute | The Lazarus Years, 1986-2016

In our final section of our David Bowie tribute, in which we track his career through the memories and musings of artists, writers and musicians, we look at the last 30 years of his career, still filled with superior albums, collaborations, live performances, a new generation of fans, his superb comeback album, The Next Day, after his ten year hiatus just two years ago, and, of course, his spellbinding ‘farewell’ album, released just a few days before his death, Blackstar.

Wales Arts Review’s David Bowie Playlist

Not just a terribly sad day for fans of music, but a huge moment in the story of modern culture; the only tribute we can really pay, with the news of David Bowie’s passing, is to play his music. We hope you enjoy our David Bowie playlist and it brings you some solace in this sad time. 

Album Review | Blackstar

Gray Taylor reviews David Bowie’s Blackstar album, the sound of a very important artist reinvigorated by his own song-writing.

Album Review | The Next Day

Gray Taylor casts a critical eye over David Bowie’s new album The Next Day, his first studio album since 2003’s Reality.

The Long Read | The Thrill of It All: Glam! David Bowie… and the Strange Case of Adrian Street by Craig Austin

Craig Austin discusses the Glam era of music and culture in Britain during the 1970s through the lens of the most popular music stars and Welsh professional wrestler Adrian Street. 

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