Writers' Rooms

The Writers’ Room | A Round Up

Writers’ Rooms is a Wales Arts Review original series where some of Wales’ best authors have provided exclusive insights into their personal creative spaces. With names including Niall Griffiths, Joe Dunthorne, and Charlotte Williams, among many others, the three series’ worth of articles provides a unique peak into the lives and process’s of some of our favourite writers.

With most of the world becoming more and more accustomed to working from home, it’s easy to feel a loss of inspiration and despair at the repeated daily routine of waking up, getting ready, completing a full day’s work, and going back to bed, often without leaving the house. The authors in this series have shown how home can be a great source of creativity and focus, leading to some of the best written works of Wales (and beyond).

Whether it be a small desk in the far corner of your kitchen, an entire personal library, or anything in between, these articles reveal that we can all find the space in our homes for some sort of ‘room of our own’.



Patrick McGuinness

Patrick McGuinness, Man Booker-nominated and two-time Wales Book of the Year-winner, offers a glimpse of his creative work space.

Rebecca F. John

After a big year for Pen International New Voices award winner Rebecca F. John, she gives us an exclusive look into her workspace.

Robert Minhinnick

Award-winning poet, essayist, novelist and translator Robert Minhinnick gives us an in depth tour of his personal writing space.

Angharad Price

Our series delving into the personal space of top writers this week welcomes award-winning novelist, playwright and academic Angharad Price.

Francesca Rhydderch

Wales Book of the Year Fiction winner and former New Welsh Review editor Francesca Rhydderch gives us an inside peak into her writing space.

John Harrison

Writer and adventurer John Harrison talks us through his writing space as the next instalment in our Writers’ Rooms series.

Catherine Fisher

In the latest of our Writers’ Rooms series we take a peek at the work space of poet and best-selling children’s author Catherine Fisher.

Niall Griffiths

Niall Griffiths has a reputation for hard-hitting fiction. Today he gives us a behind-the-scenes look into his writing space.

Philip Gross

In the latest in our Writers’ Rooms series, we peek in on one of the most admired and beloved poets in the British canon, Philip Gross.

Menna Elfyn

In the latest in the Writers’ Rooms series, we visit the writing space of internationally renowned poet, playwright and editor, Menna Elfyn.

Peter Lord

Next in our Writers’ Rooms series Peter Lord, Wales’ leading art historian, differentiates between his ‘creative space’ and ‘writing space’.

Horatio Clare

Author and journalist Horatio Clare talks about the personal details of his writing process as part of our Writers’ Room series.

Rachel Trezise

In the next instalment of the series of Writers’ Rooms, we visit the home of Rachel Trezise, novelist and short story writer.


Gwyneth Lewis

The first instalment of our second Writers’ Rooms series is Gwyneth Lewis, world-renowned poet and author, and Wales’ first National Poet.

Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch

Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch is next up in our Writers’ Rooms series, where we take a look into the creative spaces of our favourite writers.

Charlotte Williams

Celebrated academic and writer, Charlotte Williams OBE, talks us through her writing space as part of our Writers’ Rooms series. 

Sarah Waters

Award-winning novelist Sarah Waters talks us through her spacious home office/library as part of our Writers’ Rooms series.


Joe Dunthorne

In the first of a new Writers’ Rooms series, award-winning novelist, poet and journalist Joe Dunthorne invites us into his creative space.

Zoë Brigley

For the latest in our Writers’ Rooms series, poet, essayist and academic Zoë Brigley invites us into her workspace in her home in Ohio.

Richard Gwyn

In the next instalment of the popular Writers’ Rooms series, novelist and poet Richard Gwyn gives us a peak into his Spanish workspace.

Kate Hamer

In the latest in our series peeking into the creative spaces of Wales’s top writers, best-selling novelist Kate Hamer walks us around her writer’s room.

Tristan Hughes

In the latest of our series taking a peek into the creative spaces of Wales’s leading authors, award-winning writer Tristan Hughes shows us his cabin in the woods.

Deborah Kay Davies

Deborah Kay Davies invites us in to her writing space in the latest in our series exploring the creative lives of Wales’s top writers.

Gillian Clarke

Gillian Clarke talks us through her creative space as a contribution to the popular Wales Arts Review series Writers’ Rooms.

Ailbhe Darcy

Ailbhe Darcy explains her love of libraries in the latest addition to our collection of short essays in our Writers’ Rooms series.

DK Fields

DK Fields is the writing partnership of novelists David Towsey and Katherine Stansfield. Today, they give us a tour of their creative space.

Ifor Ap Glyn

Ifor ap Glyn provides the final instalment to our Writers’ Rooms series where we took a look into the creative spaces of Wales’ top writers.

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