The Artist Q&A series on Wales's leading artists

The Artist Q&A Series – Wales Art Review

A hub for all of Wales Arts Review’s interviews with Wales’s leading artists in The Artist Q&A series.

The Artist Q&A series questions Welsh artists, musicians, performers, and writers, on their influences and motivations for artistic creation. The interviews contain everything from the artists’ latest projects to their relationship with social media and religion. The series discovers how artists are influenced through the means of collaboration, culture, and inspiration. Wales Arts Review questions artists on their power to change society and how they face their greatest challenges.

Stacey Alleaume: Opera is in My Blood

Opera singer Stacey Alleaume talks about her Australian upbringing and her ancestral roots of music. Alleaume talks about her role in the Welsh National Opera’s La Traviata and the journey of creating an opera production.

Julieth Lozano Rolong: Art Reminds Us of Our Humanity

Colombian soprano Julieth Lozano Rolong discusses her role in the Welsh National Opera’s forthcoming production of Ainadamar, the influences of her family and heritage, and her belief that art can awaken our souls.

Carole Burns: Writing Is Who I Am

Writer and novelist Carole Burns talks about her new novel The Same Country and her consistent return to Connecticut through her work. Burns speaks on her admiration for artists such as Virginia Woolf and the purpose writing gives her.

Philip Gross: The Artist Q&A

Award-winning poet Philip Gross discusses the influence of his ‘species’ of origins and the ‘essential nutrient’ of collaboration. Gross talks about his favourite artists and his belief in the ‘deeper changes’ created unconsciously by an artist.

Clive Hicks-Jenkins: The Artist Q&A

Artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins discusses growing up in Newport, his creative influences, and the art of collaboration. Hicks-Jenkins expresses the impact of the artists who taught him to ‘analyse and appreciate’ and talks about the challenges of adapting to digital art.

Eloise Williams: The Artist Q&A

Author and former Children’s Laureate of Wales Eloise Williams talks about her experience growing up in Llantrisant and her battles with self-belief. Williams confesses her love for Beyoncé and her passion for emphasising art in the education system.

Ozgür Uyanik: The Artist Q&A

Turkish-born novelist and screenwriter Ozgür Uyanik talks influences, process, and the distractions of Cardiff street life. Uyanik highlights the impact of other writers on his work and their ‘inspirational mastery of language’.

Nathan Munday: The Artist Q&A

Writer Nathan Munday talks about his debut novel Whaling, married life, and fatherhood. Munday speaks of the influences on his work of faith, literature, and Wales.

Angharad: The Artist Q&A

Singer-songwriter Angharad talks about the influence of Swansea, ambitions, and her new persona as musical chameleon. Angharad speaks about her forthcoming album Motherland and the ‘joys and horrors of motherhood’.